1. Booking via shall be equivalent to acceptance of the provisions hereof.
  2. A booking may be cancelled free of charge no later than 14 days prior to the arrival date. The entire amount paid shall be returned within 10 days to the Client’s account. In the event that a booking is cancelled later than 14 days prior to the planned arrival, the Client shall not be entitled to reimbursement of the amount collected.
  3. The check-in time shall begin at 2:00 p.m. on the first day of stay and the check-out time shall end at 11:00 a.m. on the final day of stay. The keys to the apartment shall be handed over at a location and time agreed upon. If the Client is unable to arrive at the time previously agreed upon, they should immediately notify the apartment personnel of this, by calling the number.
  4. The accommodation fee shall be paid in advance prior to arrival at the apartment, using the booking system; the keys shall be handed over upon the Client’s arrival and upon verification of the payment in the Lessor’s system.
  5. The apartment rental fee includes water, electricity, heating and final cleaning fees. The key shall be returned on the departure day in a manner agreed upon with the employee in charge of the keys.
  6. The apartment personnel shall reserve the right not to hand over the keys to a person who is under the influence of alcohol and/or intoxicants, and/or showing aggressive behaviour and thus directly endangering people and property.
  7. The number of persons staying at the apartment may not be higher than the number specified upon booking. If the number of persons is higher than that specified upon booking, the Personnel may request additional payment.
  8. Visitors who are not checked-in guests may stay at the apartment from 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.
  9. Pets shall be accepted following prior notification. The additional cost per day will be charged. The owner shall bear absolute financial liability for any damages caused by the pet.
  10. All Guests shall be obliged to abide by the rules of proper neighbourly conduct, including observance of quiet hours from 10:00 p.m. until 6:00 a.m.
  11. Organisation of social events in the apartment shall be prohibited. For violation of this prohibition, the Customer shall be obliged to pay the Lessor a contractual indemnity in the amount of 1500 USD per each such violation hereof.
  12. SMOKING SHALL BE STRICTLY PROHIBITED in the apartment, due to the fire safety regulations. In the event that the Client violates the prohibition, the Client shall pay a fine in the amount of 500 USD.
  13. In the event that the Client loses the keys to the apartment, the Client shall be obliged to pay the amount of 50 USD.
  14. The Client shall be obliged to immediately notify the apartment personnel of any defects arisen in the apartment. A proportionate pecuniary compensation shall be collected for defects and damages attributable to the Client.
  15. The Clients’ data shall be used solely for the purpose of booking the apartment.
  16. In the event of sudden and unforeseeable circumstances, shall reserve the right to offer the Client another apartment, and in the event of a lack of a vacant apartment, to cancel the booking.
  17. Publication of photographs or other multimedia materials in which the apartment or part thereof may be identified shall be forbidden if said photographs may possibly endanger the good reputation of the Website.
  18. Whenever the Client leaves the apartment during the stay, the Client shall be obliged to secure it by locking the front door and closing the windows, as well as by switching off the gas hob, oven and other operating electric appliances.
  19. The Lessor shall bear no liability for the Client’s property left in the apartment.
  20. The Client shall be obliged to respect the property, to abide by the rules of proper neighbourly conduct and by the generally accepted rules of public order, and to use the apartment in accordance with the intended purpose thereof.
  21. The Client undertakes not to take from the apartment any furnishings, fitments or amenities thereof.
  22. In the event that the Client flagrantly violates the provisions hereof, the Lessor shall be entitled to renounce the agreement with immediate effect. In such event, the Client shall be obliged to immediately vacate the apartment. Should this occur, no fees shall be reimbursable.
  23. Any disputes between the proprietor and the Client shall be settled in accordance with the Polish law. The disputes shall be settled by the court having jurisdiction over the proprietor’s legal seat.